The Dolomites, UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Dolomites, part of the southern Limestone Alps, are characterised by rugged and bizarre rock formations and can hearken back on a 200-million-year long history. Imposing rocks and majestic peaks characterise the Dolomites, also referred to as "Pale Mountains". At sunset they appear in a red light, which is an amazing natural spectacle. However, due to the beauty and special geology, which gives an insight into several different stages of the history of earth, the Dolomite mountains have officially been added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list on June 26, 2009.

Summer in Selva Gardena

Summer in the Gardena valley is a wonderful time. In 2009 the Dolomites were declared part of Unesco Natural World Heritage and therefore entered into the list of the most beautiful sceneries worldwide. Ever sincehave the cliffy mountains fascinated people because of their shelving valleys, blossoming mountain pasture and for their colourful sunsets.
The opportunities are various and endless, you can choose to go for a simple walk, or for a hike through the blossoming meadows or for an adventurous hike on a via ferrata, nevertheless the mountains will conquer your heart. In collaboration with the ValgardenaActive team we offer you a varied weekly programme of activities such as guided excursions, sunrise hike, sunset hike, wildlife watching excursions in the Nature Park Puez Geisler. Most of the proposed activities are for free, others with a small surcharge.

Mountain Bike

At the Saleghes Mountain Residence we offer to the mountain bike lovers a rich weekly programme proposed by the instructors of the Val Gardena Active team. In the programme is included:
• technical Mountain Bike lessons
• guided Mountain Bike excursions
• guided Mountain Bike Sellaronda Tour clockwise and counter clockwise

Rock climbing

Men have dreamed of conquering mountain peaks since ancient times. With their exciting and challenging via ferratas, solitary peaks and adventurous glaciers, our mountains promise visitors memorable emotions. Ask for the advice of Selva’s skilled alpine guides who shall be glad to recommend a long list of via ferratas and climbing routes accessible to people with a wide range of climbing abilities, as well as rock-climbing courses for children and families.


Two or three steps...and you'll glide above fields, forest and mountains feeling. The Fly2 paragliding team with experience since 1986 with the international FAI pilot's licence propose tandem flights for all those know how to enjoy life.

Summer program

Together with the Valgardena Active team we are glad to propose you a rich week program of activities. The most of this activities are for free for our guests, some associated with a small surcharge.

- HIKE WITH VISIT TO A BEEHIVE - Curzelon - Bujes da Castl – Juac – Daunëi
- SAFETY AND FUN WHILE MOUNTAIN BIKING - MTB technique course with a professional guide
- SAFETY AND FUN WHILE E-BIKING - eBike technique course with a professional guide
- MTB TOUR: UNDER THE SASSOLUNGO - La Sëlva – Mont de Sëura – Rif. Comici – Passo Sella
- HOW DO YOU SAY IN LADIN? - An encounter with the local language and culture
- SOMETHING’S BREWING - From mountain spring water to beer
- PILATES - Find the correct posture with free body exercises

- SELLARONDA MTB TOUR | CLOCKWISE - with the mountain bike around the Sellagroup
- PANORAMIC HIKE TO THE RAMITZLER HUT - Resciesa di fuori – Ramitzler hut – San Pietro Laion
- HISTORICAL FARMHOUSE WALK - with visit to fantastic miniature reconstructions
- HIKING THROUGH NATURE’S MASTERPIECE - Mont de Sëura – Forcella del Sassolungo – Passo Sella
- MTB TOUR: FIRENZE HUT - Vallunga – Firenze hut – San Giacomo – Val d’Anna
- EBIKE TOUR: POND OF FIÈ - Passo Pinei – Siusi – Pond of Fiè – Alpe di Siusi
- HATHA YOGA - Well-being of body and mind in the nature
- RICETTE TRADIZIONALI DELLA CUCINA LADINA - Come and cook with farmer Anna!
- GEOCACHING AS FAMILY ADVENTURE - The treasure hunt of the new millennium

- SELLARONDA MTB TOUR | COUNTER CLOCKWISE - with the mountain bike around the Sellagroup
- HIKE THROUGH WOODS AND MEADOWS - Selva Val Gardena – S.Cristina - Ortisei
- NATURE HIKE INTO THE LUNAR LANDSCAPE - Dantercëpies – Puez hut – Vallunga
- EBIKE TOUR: SECEDA- Vallunga – Daunëi – Firenze hut – Seceda – San Giacomo – Ortisei
- EBIKE TOUR: SAN GIACOMO – IENDER - S. Cristina – San Giacomo – Soplajes – Iender – Saltria
- PHOTO WORKSHOP - Discover Val Gardena through your own camera
- LEARN MORE ABOUT WOOD SCULPTING - Val Gardena‘s oldest and traditional profession

- WAKE UP WITH A SMILE - Sunrise hike on the Gran Cir (Via ferrata)
- HIKE INTO THE UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE - UNDER THE ODLE (Firenze hut – Pieralongia – Lech Sant lake)
- ECHO OF THE DOLOMITES - Follow sounds of the mountains
- “ALPENGLOW“ – A NATURAL SPECTACLE - Sunset hike to Sëurasass
- MTB TOUR: ALPE DI SIUSI - Ortisei – Icaro – Saltria – Monte Pana – Selva Val Gardena
- MTB TOUR: VAL DURON - Monte Pana – Zallinger – Passo Duron – Campitello – Passo Sella
- EBIKE TOUR EPOWERED BY BOSCH - La Sëlva – Monte Pana – Tirler – Iender – Ortisei – Selva
- WOOD CARVING LESSON - Experience art up close
- CLIMBING LESSON FOR MOUNTAIN LOVERS - First steps towards the ultimate mountain experience

- SELLARONDA MTB TOUR | CLOCKWISE - with the mountain bike around the Sellagroup
- WILDLIFE WATCHING WITH NATURE EXPERT ROMAN - In search of wild traces in the Natural Park Puez Odle
- NATURAL HIKE IN THE NATURE PARK - Stevia (La Palota – Rif. Stevia – Juac)
- HIKE AT THE FEET OF THE SASSOLUNGO - Ciampinoi – Comici hut – Mont de Sëura – Piz Ciaulonch – Monte Pana
- FLOWERY DOLOMITES - Blooming Dolomites
- A JOURNEY INTO THE PAST - Walking along the old Val Gardena Railway
- MTB TOUR: SAN GIACOMO - S. Cristina – San Giacomo – Ortisei
- EBIKE TOUR: PRALONGIÀ - Dantercëpies – Corvara – Armentarola – Pralongià – Passo Gardena

- SELLARONDA MTB TOUR | CLOCKWISE - with the mountain bike around the Sellagroup
- PANORAMIC HIKE TO SAN GIACOMO - S. Cristina – San Giacomo – Col de Flam
- STEP BY STEP UP THE CHEDUL VALLEY - Vallunga – Val Chedul – Passo Cir – Passo Gardena
- MTB TOUR: THE MOUNTAIN HUTS OF THE SEISER ALM - Monte Pana – Compaccio – Rif.Molignon – Monte Pana
- EBIKE TOUR: VAL DURON - Passo Sella – Campitello – Passo Duron – Zallinger – Monte Pana

- SELLARONDA MTB TOUR | COUNTER CLOCKWISE - with the mountain bike around the Sellagroup
- HIKE AROUND THE SASSOLUNGO - Passo Sella – Forcella Sassolungo – Comici hut – Plan de Gralba
- VIEWPOINT SAI UEDLI - Half day hike with overlooking Selva Val Gardena
- SELLARONDA EBIKE TOUR - clock-wise around the Sellagroup
- EBIKE TOUR: ALPE DI SIUSI - Monte Pana – Zallinger – Saltria – Iender – Selva Val Gardena

- FLOWERY DOLOMITES - Blooming Dolomites
- MUSEUM GHERDËINA - Natural and cultural history of Val Gardena
- BURNING DOLOMITES - Sunset hikes from 12.09. to 02.11.2018
- VAL GARDENA KIDS ACTIVE (11/06 – 06/09/2019) - Discover – be amazed – experience

Winter in the Dolomites

Ski emotion or the silence of nature... you have the choice. The Dolomites were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009 and are one of the most beautiful and valuable landscapes of Europe and the world.
With its extraordinary rock formations, forests and hillsides can our mountains offer you a variety of winter activities.

Ski and snowboard

In the middle of the spectacular mountain world of the Dolomites, the Sellaronda and Dolomiti Superski offer the most sensational ski carrousel around the mountain massif of Gruppo del Sella with 510 of connected ski slopes, amusement for every ski level and taste with new destinations every day: the famous Saslong ski run performing the traditional Ski World Cup race every year, the sunny Seceda alpine pasture with lots of romantic huts, the Val Mesdí, an adventure for experts, the Marmolada, the queen of the mountains with its altitude of 3342 m... The Saleghes Mountain Residence is only 800-900 meters away from the fields where the lift systems are located which ascend to the Sellaronda. Getting to the lift systems is easy: either you take the hotel’s private shuttle service that operates from 9-10 a.m. dropping you right in front of the lift systems or the public ski bus service that takes you close to them any time of the day. In the afternoon you may ski back to the residence either from the base station of the lift systems or all the way down from Sellaronda in only a few minutes (in natural snow conditions this is doable till mid March).

Ski school and rental

Oskar Delazer, passionate skier and certified ski and snowboard instructor is member of the ski school Selva. He is at your disposal for private lessons and group courses. You can book private lessons or group courses at the ski school of Selva next to our house.

Ski rental and Snowboard rental in Selva
We recommend the following ski and board rentals in Selva: Rental Sport Bruno Riffeser and Rental Ski and Snowboard School Selva.

Off-piste skiing

If you are a fan of off-piste skiing you can’t miss the unforgettable adventure of backcountry skiing: breathtaking views will accompany you up and down deserted and powdery slopes. Selva‘s alpine guides have devised a ravishing weekly programme for you promoting guided tours on a daily basis.

Snowshoeing and winter excursions

Come and discover the charm of nature’s silence, listen to the sound of the snow crunching under your feet and let yourself be spelled-bound by the magic atmosphere of our winter landscape. The Valgardena Active weekly programme suggests a series of guided winter hikes and snowshoeing hikes you can participate to by contributing with a small surcharge only. And don’t miss highlights such as a romantic snowshoeing hike followed by dinner in a mountain hut. Selva’s alpine guides also suggest half-day, daytime and night time hikes.

Cross country

Cross-country ski lovers will get the chance to enjoy 100 km of well-traced snowy routes between Selva, S. Cristina and the beautiful Alpe di Siusi.

Winter program

Together with the Valgardena Active team we are glad to propose you a rich week program of activities. The activities are associatedwith a small surcharge.

Snowshoeing trough the Nature Park Puez Odle - Vallunga
Climbing lesson
Museum Gherdëina

Here comes the sun - Sunrise Dantercepies
Easy half day excursion to the San Giacomo's Church
Evening snowshoeing with dinner in a mountain hut
Museum Gherdëina

Introductory cross country lesson - Vallunga
Snowshoe day hike with an Alpine Guide
Table tennis tournament
Museum Gherdëina

Medium day hike to the Alpe di Siusi
Yoga lesson
Evening snowshoeing with dinner in a mountain hut
Easy fatbike tour in Vallunga - 1/2 day
Museum Gherdëina

Half day snowshoe walk to the "Camel Humps"
Museum Gherdëina

Half day snowshoe walk - Juac
Museum Gherdëina

Day hike with snowshoe in the Nature Park - Resciesa
Museum Gherdëina

Non-binding request