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The Mountain Residence Saleghes in Selva

The landscape around Selva, one of three villages in the Val Gardena, is characterised by the jagged rock towers of the Dolomites and sunny mountain meadows. The summits of the Sella massif, the Sassolongo group and the Puez-Odle Nature Park all soar into the sky – and at their feet, at the entrance to the village, stands the Mountain Residence Saleghes. Its prominent wooden façade gives guests an idea of what lies within: a stylishly designed interior, with open spaces that invite the gaze to explore and the guest to feel at ease.
Natural tranquillity and creative elegance underlie the atmosphere of this architecture hotel: furniture made of local wood, warm fabrics and artworks from the Val Gardena lend character to every room. Large windows guide the mountain light into the interior while steering the eyes to the outside world. Yet the imposing mountains and impressive works are however subordinate to the main focus of attention: the guest.
Visitors can look forward to one thing above all others: an individually tailored break that blends originality and tradition. The Mountain Residence Saleghes is a place that inspires guests to a holiday that is just as special as they are.

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We re-open the 29th of May 2021
Get excited about a time-out in the dolomites and at the Saleghes Mountain Residence, here you are in good hands. Health and well-being of our guests as well as our stuff is our priority. The apartments, the rooms and all recreation rooms are regularly cleaned in conformity with the high hygiene standards. The spacious rooms of our house and the restricted guest number provide a lot of space for everyone.

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