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Sustainability based on our values

Naturalness and green values have always been the basis of our thinking and our work. Out of a sense of responsibility. Out of conviction. We avoid short-term trends and consciously rely on solid decisions that will last for years to come. From our architectural foundations to our day-to-day operations, sustainability is our top priority. Our approach is holistic, taking into account our environmental responsibilities and aiming to contribute to a sustainable future.

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Sustainable holiday in Selva Val Gardena

What we do for the environment

  • We use traditional and natural building materials that are easily degradable.
  • We choose regional wood with natural finishes for our furnishings and interior.
  • We rely on good insulation to keep the heat in the hotel and ensure energy efficiency.
  • We work exclusively with local (construction) companies.
  • We clean exclusively with cleaning agents that are certified with sustainability seals.
  • .We have eliminated single-use plastic in all areas.
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Sustainable holiday in Selva Val Gardena
  • We use water sparingly and responsibly.
  • We separate and recycle our waste and try to keep waste quantities as low as possible.
  • We save electricity and use long-lasting LED technology.
  • We fill the Saleghes breakfast box with the best, sometimes even organic, products from the valley and the region.
  • We clean our apartments twice a week and change the towels only on request.
  • We choose 100% cotton bed linen for quality you can feel.
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Do you have ideas or suggestions to offer?

We’re committed to meticulously evaluating our methods and continually working to enhance our sustainability and environmental mindfulness. Do you have a suggestion? Fantastic! We’re eager to collaborate with you to make our planet that little bit greener.

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