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Our design hotel in Selva

Rooted in nature

When planning our design hotel in Selva, the Alpine hillside location and the surrounding Dolomite panorama were the starting point for architects Hannes Ladstätter and Stefan Taschler of Archilab Brunico. Because every building is, first and foremost, defined by its location and how it is embedded in its surroundings – this is where it gains its value and character. On the outside, the linear structure of our hotel is clad in dark larch wood. Inside, bright, spacious rooms offer a view of the beauty of the surroundings. A timeless sense of well-being suffuses your apartment in Val Gardena. Serene and natural.

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Saleghes Dolomites, your design hotel in Val Gardena

Architecture for expression

Valuable, durable, and timeless: a building that skilfully combines tradition and zeitgeist. A vision that the Ladstätter and Taschler team of architects from Archilab in Brunico lived up to in even the smallest details. This resulted in an exciting exchange that continues even after the completion of the Saleghes Dolomites and reunites us constantly.

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Saleghes Dolomites, your design hotel in Val Gardena

Nature as a design element

Just as we envisioned, traditional and natural building materials inspire a feeling of well-being in every holiday apartment in Selva at the Saleghes Dolomites. The smell of spruce wood that fills the bright rooms. The authenticity of the natural fabrics and textiles. The simple beauty of slate and quartzite. And the expansive glass facades, which invite nature into our design hotel in Selva.

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Space for art

In Val Gardena, art is part of life – and in our hotel, it also enriches your holiday experience. We grew up in a family of artists and love this daily dialogue. That’s why numerous works by local artists adorn our design hotel in Selva, South Tyrol.

Our hotel offers a window into the valley’s vibrant art community, a scene that has gained recognition well beyond Italy’s borders. It’s also the ideal setting for our guests to take a moment for reflection.

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Our commitment to sustainable architecture

The true value of our architecture lies in its sustainability. Because only what is timeless and enduring can be meaningful for people and nature. Not fleeting trends but solid decisions run through all areas of our design hotel in Selva – from our architectural foundations to our day-to-day operations. It is through this steadfast approach that we aspire to be a guiding light towards a sustainable and desirable tomorrow.

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Saleghes Dolomites
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